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The CELL/ f.d. Pink apcalypse


I read on Wikipedia: "In psychology, the term dissociation describes a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surrounding to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experience. The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality /.../ In mild cases, dissociation can be regarded as a coping mechanism or defence mechanism in seeking to master, minimize or tolerate stress - including boredom or conflict. At the non pathological end of the continuum, dissociation describes common events such as daydreaming...."1


I departed on this journey in the middle of April 2016. I ejected myself away from a sense of normality, proportion and comfort, seeking... something else, more, other. As the months have passed I have discovered desires within myself that I did not know I had, towards surrendering, giving in to my weaknesses or my selfishness and indulging completely in this manifestation of excess (and luxury). I have found new ways of interpreting the alien shapes, finding in them a strange familiarity to bodies, embraces.


Now, this place just is.

It is a manifestation of desires, overgrown, cancerous: perhaps the means of an individual (me, in a very practical sense), and a whole culture (us) to shield itself from the horrors of the world, whilst maintaining the peaceful and privileged illusion of normal everyday life (in the Western World).

It is a landscape, a surface to be explored. Underneath the fabric lies unused books, barely remembered; dried out stacks of pens; sculptures covered in protective plastic and dust. There are whole pieces of furniture and loads of crumpled newspaper pages that no one will ever read.

It is a cell, a container for mad dreams through which reality sometimes appears in enhanced clarity, sometimes is blurred and lost. A cell with padded walls, wandered over by fingers impersonating an adventurer from a past century, discovering a place left in ruins, a red desert.


Opening, Friday 7th October, 17-20

Sat-sun, 12-16 (call 0704 78 70 72 for the door to be opened)

Platform Stockholm, Liljeholmen

Lövholmsgränd 12 (2nd floor)



























Surrender to the golden beast, 11th June 2016



Surrender to the golden beast, 2016


Surrender to the golden beast is a performance/installation that investigates an act of

giving in to something larger than the self, an hedonistic entity, the desiring machine embodied. This is playing with a certain form of madness.


Some part of me have always desired this. To let go, to give in. To surrender to a form of frenzy. Desire, instant satisfaction. To become an adult child, innocent and ravenous, indifferent to consequence. Perhaps everyone can feel it now and then. On the metro home, passing by the automat selling sweets and the advertisment saying "You deserve this". Yes I do. Or when considering that next glass of wine. Or when we hear about the burning of the rainforests, the cimate changes, the poverty and Paris Hiltons new shoes and how much they cost. Yes, yes I think I will another glass. I dont care what happens. Ill care tomorrow, some other day.

Joyce Carol Oates writes in the novel"Beasts" "We are beasts, we feel no guilt." (p 2) I'm not a beast, I feel guilt all the time. And I am so tired of my guilt. Its a deep ache, and its impossible to appease. The ache of the guilt is worse than the ache of the horrors of the world, because I am a selfish being. My desire to give up and give in to the whims of my inner child, to merge myself with the gold sprinkled flow of the winners has to do with that. I simply don't want to feel guilty anymore. Turning the tables involves turning fatalistic about our shared future. Everything is going to shits if we continue like this. We know this. So lets have a great party! Lets spend all our money, lets get intoxicated and wild. Our culture cannot outwit its own momentum, the beasts are free to roam.


The golden beast is a manifestation of greed in our time, as well as the desire for freedom. It recognizes the catastrophical overlap of the desire to free oneself (from guilt) and the desire to sooth oneself with shopping and material goods. The golden beast represents Western culture's attempt to forget that you can't buy happiness. The surrender to this creature is both a willful act to give in, go with the flow, to give free reign to the demon of desire we all carry within. But its also a frustrated act of hopelessness, as the responsability for global problems have been placed on the shoulders of individual citizens that have little power to do affect real change. Here hides a deathwish - a dance on the brink of destruction - a final surrender to global intoxication.



Running dates: 15th april - 7th October 2016

There will be public events at different stages. The first public even is the 11th of June 2016. Updates about this project will happen here on the website and on Facebook.