Abject Glamourous

Josefin Rasmuson 2016

The work is a part of a series of sculptures, installations and performance.

Abject Glamourous is an emesis. It is rejected material, body, excess, cancerogenous tissue on the capitalist body. It is a distorted sort of greed, it is resistance in the form of boundlessness and desire. Abject Glamourous isnt suited for the salon. It is a sculptural mass that mixes with the wrong crowd, downgrades, hungry and shameless. Here as clump, regurgitation.

About the groupshow:

X is about love. Love and desire. If love and desire were heavy rocks that were thrown into a small lake, then X is about the rings on the water. Who gets to love who, how, and what may we, should we, desire?

We live in a time, place, economic structure that approves the having and satisfaction of desire. The material desire, the sexual desire. But desire is complicated. Approving of desire opens for the possibility of absolute liberation, an at the same time, absolute destruction. And beyond this love, not even remotely less complicated.

It seems more like the rule than exception that human societies spend lots of energy on controlling desire and love.  Perhaps restrictions for the satisfaction of certain desires are necessary (but are they really for love?). We can't just take something because we want it. And should we even, even if we are able to, and allowed? And who is really allowed?

The show X is about love on Centrifug is shown 27/11- 3/12. Participating artists: Josefin Rasmuson, Callum harper and Vilda Kvist.