Empowered: setting forth the new alliance (15th of October 2016)

Performance, experiment, 14.00-20.00, Fylkingen, Stockholm

Purpose: To construct a "body armour"/ a "manifestation of an extended self" by covering my clothers and my body with gold fabric and extensions. The patches and extensions (ex hair, sequins covered knobs, phallic forms etc) will be attached by sowing and stuffed with different materials found on site, ex crumpled paper, newspapers and other useful stuff). At the same time as I am doing the performance I will participate as audience in other events on site.

The activity at the center of the performance deals with a feeling of lack of safety, home- and/or powerlessness, both in a very real (as in me and my own experience in the world and perception of the state of that world) and in a extended meaning adressing the situation for many people in that world (ex refugees, homeless people, so-called "illegals", as well as a general feeling of uncertainty in regards to the future).

My bodyarmour protects my back, my neck and chest and my knees.

To wear it is also to enter into alliance with something else: the unshapely, the transgressive, the luxurious. I share body with this sculptural mass as an act of resistance. We become one. Its strengths become my strengths. Its power becomes my power.