Engage 2012 - artist led city project:

The artists leave their homes, where reactions and interactions are often familiar and defined. They come together in a foreign city, where they themselves are the others, simultaneously being in the city, as well as apart from it due to their position as foreigners.

Engage Project 2012 - in the making - goes to Bucharest!

Cooperation with Bucharest AIR and artists tess Walkovski (US/NL) and Emma Haugh (IRE).

For info in Bucharest AIR see http://www.bucharestair.com

The participation of Josefin Rasmuson in Engage 2012 - Bucharest was made possible with the support of

Engage was initiated and organised by Josefin Rasmuson, Emma Haugh and Tess Walkovski. The idea of the project was to go with a group of artists to a place where none of them had been before, and during a certain time period investigate forms of navigating and understanding this place. In the evenings there was space to cook and talk and develop ideas for a public event at the end of the project.

Participating artists were:

Tess Walkowski (US)

Emma Haugh (Ireland)

Karen Boesser (Germany)

Gokcen Dilek Acay (Turkey

Josefin Rasmuson (Sweden)

Fifi Smith (Ireland)

Rosella Piccino (Italy)

A collaboration was also made between Rosella Piccino and:

Dan Adriana Christina (Romania)

Alexandre George Dan (Romania)