A collection of sculptures and text, presented at Rökridån 29th-31st january 2016. The startingpoint for this project was to make, and investigate the premises of, objects of desire. The final pieces combine the textural, the visual and the associative in a series saturated with sparkly sequins, hair and gold. Presented together with the objects a text, a collection of textual/poetic fragments, introducing the viewer to the conceptual underpinnings of the sculptures. For excerpts from this text, and more images, see below.

Excerpt from the text:

"1. Desire

Gold, glitter, wealth, beauty, sex. The desire to have more, to own everything. As if it made us larger than ourselves.

2. Value

Wherein lies the value of an object?

In the price or the brand?

In limited supply?

In it’s weight when it rests in your hand?

Does the value refer to the amount of light reflected?

In the amount of hours that someone spent making it?

In the skill and precision displayed by the maker?

In the status we associate with it?

In its uniqueness?

In how many others desire it?"

Excerpt from the text:

"3. The object as subject, 1

A shield against the loneliness. A golden mysterious friend. Darkness and light. Holds your hand, or could be held in your hand. The talisman, your secret friend, a constant ally.

4. The object as a subject, 2

Secret, hermetic, accessible only on its own terms."

Excerpt from the text:

"5. The dead cat

We hit the cat somewhere on a dark road in Skåne. H drove the car, turned in for the smaller road, g-dunk. When we stepped out behind the car the cat was cramping some meters behind us, violently, like something from the Exorcist. Impossibly so: broken body in spasms and broken brain and splattering blood. Free it from the pains! How? A gun?! Say what? Hit it with the plastic snow shovel in the trunk? Knife, cut its throat off? Eh. Body. The inside of a body that turns itself inside out, crazy eyes. Drive over it again – of course - the most logical (must be the most effective) but I couldn’t bring myself to do it and the cat anyway died. I picked it up with some plastic bags to shield against the blood, brains, fur, intestines and I could feel its warm weight, broken flimsy, not completely connected body through the plastic, in my hands.

A couple of years earlier I found another body, not on a road but on a railway track. It gets so fucking close to you, inside and outside, blood, hair and everything else that looks no different to that of anybody else, to that of the cat, when broken.

6. The intrusion of the intimate

The body, the penis, the fallos, the pregnant belly, the outgrowth, the ingrowth, the weight, the surface tension, the skin, the hair, the fur."

Excerpt from the text:

"12. Transcendence

To transcend through the symbols of status, success and luxury. Not only owning the gold, but the ability to turn anything into gold.

To be devoured. The ultimate dissolution of self within the golden void."