The closer friend (31st July 2016)

Performance, experiment, Tomma Rum, Bromölla

In the performance/ sculpture The closer friend I sowed myself and my possessions (everything I had with me at the time of the event in Bromölla) in a sculpture. Starttime 14.00 PM, endtime 18.00 PM. The last hour I was completely enclosed by the sculpture.

Material: Pink fabric and jinglebells.

The performance/ sculpture is partly about looking into the technical aspects of attempting to sow myself inside a sculpture, but also about investigating the boundary between my body and my things. To what extent is my identity construed by these things? Could my relationship to my things be compared to the relationships I have with friends; considering how the things give me safety, protection and warmth (ex in terms of clothing) or extended capacity, in terms of my computer or the recorder? Because isnt that exactly what friendship is? The capacity to give suppport, to affirm my identity as the one I want to be, safety, knowledge and reources that I dont have myself?

I would be the first one to sign on to that ownership cannot replace love. But suddenly I find myself wondering if I sometimes dont prefer things to people.

The closer friend  is also a "biproduct" of Surrender to the Golden Beast (2016) och Pink Apocalypse  (2016) - in which I sow my own studio/ my home into a performative installation with over 6 months running time. Also this piece manifests a desire towards ultimate autonomy and experimentation with extended body and self.