"The heap" is a ca 2 meter high sculpture in wood, fabric, sequins and artificial fur, and the result of Rasmusons residency with Gylleboverket during March 2016.  In this work she investigates issues concerning corporeality, power relations and gender. The "primitive" and "civilized" as ideas are questioned from a class- and social perspective, at the same time as the work intends to loosen up the status quo about what is, if anything is, natural.

As a part of the installation Rasmuson made ca 15 minutes long a performance, a poetic mini-lecture exploring the different themes proposed by the sculpture.

The heap is a temporary work; after the show it is dismantled and will be executed again in a different form.

The work was installed in a container at the exhibition grounds. The sculpture was placed in the midsection of the container, so that the visitor had to approach the piece and pass it closely in order to read the text that was presented in the back (and where the performance took place). This led to close-up encounters beteen the visitors and the sculpture.

The piece itself allows for a variety of interpretations, which was also the strategy and purpose of the performance. The performance intended to provide a context for the sculpture as well as a number of possibilities through which the visitor could view it. From the text:

The performance involved a reading and a presentation of images. Examples from the slide show:

From the performance: